The finest machine in the industry is the one found here at DermaSmooth Boutique, in Commerce, Michigan. Most of the other laser hair removal centers do not have the finest piece of equipment in the industry. DermaSmooth Boutique has the best equipment, finest center, and best after-laser- hair-removal products for all of our guest’s needs. GentleMax is the finest machine in the industry with the largest hair removal area and the cryogen cooling handheld attachment. Other centers in the area use the "Light Sheer"; with a vacuum. That's right, an attachment that literally is used like a Hoover on your body. Almost too strange to be true, and the spot size is smaller than the GentleMax as well. The business model for these types of services typically do not like bringing up the names of the actual competitions machines -- however, we know that because of our company’s ability to bring the finest machine with the cryogenically pain elimination model coupled with a much larger laser hair removal area -- no one can offer a better piece of equipment.

DermaSmooth Boutique offers painless hair removal; permanent hair removal, and fast hair removal treatments. There is no topical anesthetic required and we implore you as our guest to come in and gain the most innovative piece of medical hair removal laser equipment in the United States today. The professional staff at DermaSmooth Boutique will show you the professionalism, caring, and knowledgeable staff will assist in allowing you to renew your mind, body, and spirit. DermaSmooth Boutique, unlike other skin laser hair removal companies, is owned and operated by professionals who always wish to provide the most sterile environment for this near-medical procedure. While the competition will claim they have professional centers all they really have is a center with a sub-standard piece of equipment. Essentially, they are using a piece of equipment that can (more likely than not, will) eventually burn part of the skin where they are having the laser hair removal completed.

The transformation that has come for so many Middle Eastern women through and by the laser hair removal is one that brings with it a spiritual transformation. After this unwanted hair is removed these women have a feeling of physical re-invention as well. When these women have their unwanted hair removed they increase their self-image at the same time. DermaSmooth Boutique understands that laser hair removal is accomplished in a thorough treatment plan designed by the guest and their practitioner. In order to achieve the best results DermaSmooth Boutique needs to outline the way in which hair can grow back. This shows how there is a need for multiple months' treatment. That is typically 1 month on and one month off treatments.

Three Phases of Hair Growth:
1. Anagen Phase is your 'active growth phase and, this phase is the only one in a growth cycle where the hair is permanently stunted. During this phase your hair follicle is connected in a direct manner to the blood vessels and also has an abundance of melanin (color). The laser can easily find or detect the hair during this phase.

2. Catagen Phase is also known as the 'regressive phase.' During this phase your hair is not connected to any blood supply at all. Therefore, it is certainly not easy for the laser to detect it.

The hair may be destroyed during this phase but not permanently disabled. As a result, this is, once again, why these multiple treatments are so important.

3. Telogen Phase or 'resting phase' is when your hair is also not connected to anything but is ready to fall out. This hair does not have light absorption abilities at all.

DermaSmooth Boutique prides itself on the abilities to have your laser hair removal process done with the finest equipment with the most cutting edge technology in the industry. Please call (248) 341-3699 for an appointment