Here at DermaSmooth Boutique we want to offer you the finest equipment in the hair removal industry, but first, we want you to know the common pitfalls or mistakes. This will save you both time and money before, during, and after your hair removal processes.

1. SHAVE THE HAIR FIRST: DermaSmooth Boutique has learned from experience that the lasers do, in fact, heat the hair, and do damage to the stem cells in hair follicles. When your hair is TOO LONG your skin can be burned by the laser equipment. Therefore, come to DermaSmooth Boutique after you have shaved for the optimum results.

2. ALWAYS CHOOSE THE LASER CENTER WITH EXPERIENCE AND THE FINEST EQUIPMENT: DermaSmooth Boutique has the GentleMax which is the finest piece of equipment on the market. This machine, which costs over $140,000 is the only one of its kind in this .2=1=2-944:c area.

3. ALWAYS CHECK THE DEVICE & ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT IT: Imagine going into a laser treatment and the equipment is dirty, the place is dirty, and your laser specialist has dirt under their fingernails. Would you eat at a restaurant if the waiter, cook, and the bus boys all had dirt under their fingernails? Of course not. Now, use the same gauge for your laser treatment facility. By assuring the device is in working order, ask how it works, what it does, and if it looks dirty, ask why. Maybe this was just one, time that the laser treatment specialist forgot to wipe the equipment down. Assure there is cooling gel,) tinted goggles to protect your eyes, and flashing lights. Because DermaSmooth Boutique uses the GentleMax there will be less treatments, and far more satisfaction for our guests/patients.

4. YOU MUST BE CONSISTENT: You and your laser treatment specialist will determine what the length of time between visits is. Do not schedule the treatment, then cancel without re-scheduling immediately with an alternative date. DermaSmooth Boutique knows that these treatments are going to take 5-8 sessions. When patients/guests miss four or five sessions they come back six months later and complain that all the hair grew back. Again, if you are inconsistent, you will not achieve consistent results.

5. DO NOT HAVE OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE EXPECTATIONS: The areas that you have worked on will have an 85-90% decline in hair. Different areas will show different results for different people. Usually there is still some hair, so please, don't expect complete baldness. FDA approval is for permanent laser hair REDUCTION not REMOVAL. When you are looking for experience, strength, and the finest equipment come to, DermaSmooth Boutique located in Commerce, MI. Our locations is within the LaVida Massage Commerce location. To Schedule an appointment please call us at (248) 341-3699