DermaSmooth Boutique uses the finest equipment in the hair removal industry with their recent acquisition of the GentleMax Pro. By bringing the professional advantage to this boutique salon-DermaSmooth bring high performance treatment to each and every guest. This use of the GentleMax Pro guarantees more speed, power, and treatment versatility than any other multi-wavelength laser system.

Larger treatment spot sizes are now a reality with the GentleMax Pro. Due to the industry’s largest spot size of 24mm tremendous fluency options and pulse width range are available through the GentleMax Pro—at the friendly confines of DermaSmooth Boutique.

DermaSmooth offers laser hair removal, Bikini hair removal, Underarm hair removal, Permanent hair removal, Facial hair removal, Leg hair removal, Chin hair removal, Lip hair removal, Brazilian hair removal, “Hollywood hair removal”, Full body hair removal, Men’s back hair removal, Freckle removal , Brown spot removal, as well as skin tightening. These treatments are now available with the GentleMax Pro. Right here at DermaSmooth Boutique, located in Commerce, Michigan.

None of the other systems used in the Michigan area are going to provide this enhanced speed, efficiency and versatility of GentleMax Pro. When compared to the competition- there simply is no competition. DermaSmooth Boutique is at the forefront of the industry involved in hair removal and skin tightening. DermaSmooth is not only handling the day to day hair removal needs of the surrounding areas, DermaSmooth is providing skin tightening such as:
Laser Neck Tightening
Face Tightening (without surgery)

GentleMax Pro has been voted BEST HAIR REMOVAL LASER in Women’s Health Magazine. The GentleMax Pro, available at DermaSmooth Boutique, offers two lasers in one: 755nm and 1065nm for most effective hair removal on all skin types. Larger 24mm spot size that can treat a back in 15 minutes! CDC Cryogen cooling for increased comfort, and an excellent clearance of 80% in 4 treatments. Find out how DermaSmooth Boutique can provide these services to YOU. Click Here to set up an APPOINTMENT.

DermaSmooth Boutique has done its research and through this process has learned that laser hair removal is a hair removal procedure that has been practiced since 1997. The procedure, which is performed by a trained laser technician or nurse, and is conducted by pointing a long pulse laser at a region of desired hair removal. The ultimate result of laser hair removal is disabling hair follicles from producing hair follicles. The result is the permanent removal of hair from the affected area. As hair grows in different cycles, in order to completely and totally eliminate hair growth, between 6 to 8 treatments are needed to grant the patient the desired results. In fact, these treatments must at intervals of 4 to 6 weeks, and this will assist in gaining the desired results.

There are multiple variables when we gauge the success of laser hair removal. Skin pigmentation, as well as coarseness of hair are all a part of the process. Lasers used for this type of removal of hair on a permanent basis produce various wavelengths of light that are absorbed by the pigments in hair. When the hair is coarse or if the patient’s skin surrounding the area is lighter than the pigment of the hair, the hair shall absorb the heat from a laser because of its pigment. This destroys the hair follicle. In order to prevent burning of the skin surrounding the hair to be removed during treatments the laser produces a bandwidth which is narrow- this allows the concentration to be on the hair and not the skin. Laser beams being emitted causes transference from the hair to the skin for several milliseconds after the pulse. The result of this fact some of the lasers have cooling attachments to absorb any heat that is ultimately transmitted to the skin during a DermaSmooth Boutique treatment. As the use of the GentleMax Pro allows for special cooling materials, unlike others in the industry, the patient is allowed the most comfort available in the industry.

DermaSmooth Boutique is an integral part of hair removal in the geographic location. DermaSmooth Boutique is located within the LaVida Massage of Commerce, MI. DermaSmooth Boutique location serves the following locations as well: West Bloomfield, Novi, Farmington, Farmington Hills, Waterford, Milford, Keego Harbor, Birmingham, Highland, White Lake and Union Lake, just to name a few.

DermaSmooth looks forward to gaining you as a valued customer and guest of our facility. Please us at (248)366-4611 for an appointment.