The lending in the franchise industry has led to a very large business. According to many franchise company information companies, one in Arlington, Va. in particular, shows that franchisees in the United States are going to borrow in excess of $30.1 billion in 2016 to research, develop, implement, and build with brick and mortar new franchise opportunities.

The majority of these monetary outlay amounts will be underwritten by various banking institutions, backed by the SBA in Washington, and may be brought forth with the Venture Capitalists across the country. A business consultancy in California stated in a report that the SBA guaranteed well over 35,000 franchise loans up to and including the end of fiscal year 2014 beginning in 2005. That number has not shrunk, nor will it. SBA requirements make any and all borrowers meet their banking guidelines which, for lack of a better word, are quite militant. Individual owners are pledging their homes, their cars, their possessions, and sometimes their children (just kidding) as collateral. The franchise loan industry has expanded and has brought in many new conglomerates who offer financing under much different conditions. The CEO and chairman of Apple-pie Capital in San Francisco, CA stated that she personally designed the non-bank lender to provide what the SBA cannot: quick loan approval and no personal collateral.

"We launched in January 2015," she said, "with backing from venture capital. We can provide franchise loans from $100,000 to over $1,000,000 in under 30 days." Apple Pie charges a fixed interest rate, starting at 8%. A franchisee in Lafayette, CA opened up a wens salon and it took over six months to secure an SBA guaranteed loan too close. Her and her husband signed on to open up to three hair salons for men. She did not want to wait that long to open the second salon and as a result, approached Apple Pie. They were approved for $350,000 in a few weeks and they will be opening up all of their locations in record time compared with the SBA constraints. Usually the speed in which the money can be made available is worth the extra points on a loan.

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