Memorial Day has passed and the summer has already begun. As the unofficial start to summer has already come and gone, we want all of you to assure that you keep your skin safe. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and all of us at Dermasmooth Boutique want to stress the importance of this positive treatment of your skin. By assuring that you are protected against too much exposure - which leads to sunburn and the increased risks of skin cancer (melanoma), according to health experts. An oncologist from Mercy Medical Center (Dr. Parminder Sidhu) advises people to limit their exposure to the sun’s rays as well as tanning beds that generate extreme levels of ultraviolet rays. In terms of severity, melanoma is the most extreme type of skin cancer. Melanoma develops in the cells providing pigmentation to the skin. The most common type of skin cancer in the United States is melanoma, according to the John Hopkins health library. Of paramount importance is for our children to be protected from severe sunburns as the skin cells of these children is still dividing. The dividing skin cells are damaged severely by the sun, causing them to lose control. This type of 'loss of control' from a skin cell is going to cause a mutation - thus causing cancer. Cells lose control of their division, these cells will make the mistake of causing mutations which are going to create the cancerous cells to create the ongoing and perpetual creation of division. Another doctor to be quoted is a one Dr. Laurence Altshuler, director of oncology at Southwestern Regional Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. He states that being safe in the sun is an important part of avoiding skin cancer. A recent interview gained the quote, "The worst risk for melanoma is sunburn. It has more adverse effect on the skin." Applications of a high SPF sunscreen to the skin every two hours while in direct sunlight could be the solution to a painful sunburn, he also stated. As we know avoiding a severe sunburn could be the reason skin cancer cells don't develop or multiply. No one is completely free from the risk of contracting melanoma-like issues, but an array of preventative measures can be taken. Food that we ingest is going to have a lot to do with the way in which melanoma is going to react in our bodies. Any food loaded with antioxidants, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and nuts are all the protectors of our body and natural need to be in a safe environment. It is also proven that carrots can reduce the risk of sunburns and the wonderful avocado can reduce damage to our skin from the sun. Most doctors in the oncology industry will recommend SPF between 30 and 50. At DermaSmooth Boutique we recommend a product located right in our Commerce location. Ask us about your skin and how to better protect it. Our laser skin professionals will go through the various options with you. Please make sure you CALL US at (248) 341-3699. Patients with moles that are irregular or large in nature will have the highest risk of getting melanoma-like growths. All of our guests and patients should have their skin evaluated regularly. If there are any moles which are different in texture from one side of it to the other side, have an 'abnormal overtime growth', bleed easily, or just don't seem to heal should be a warning sign and should be looked at by a doctor. The American Cancer Society stated that individuals with red hair, blond hair, blue eyes, or fair skin in general also have a higher risk for developing melanoma. Darker-skinned individuals have less risk because the greater amount of pigment in their skin which offers them a higher protection from ultraviolet sun rays. Regardless of this fact, these darker-skinned individuals have increased chances of getting melanoma on their palms and soles. Dermatologists are going to be instrumental in assuring that these melanomas are not prevalent in your life. Skin cancer, when detected quickly, are much more treatable than if left to their own devices. The truth is that when skin cancer is treated by chemotherapy, which attacks the cells which are cancerous instead of all cells, many patients have moved into remission when fighting off the disease for a period of time. Dermasmooth Boutique wants you to be sure and keep those newly "hair free" legs protected at all costs...In order to gain the hair free legs you always wanted as well as the proper products to protect your legs call us for an appointment.