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DermaSmooth Pigmentation Reduction

Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of skin aging, one that is hard to escape in our beautiful part of the world. At DermaSmooth Boutique we can use our medical grade laser to remove pigmentation, even out your skin tone and treat sun damage. Pigmentation can appear in the form of age spots, freckles orpatches of lighter or darker skin.
The GentleMAX is the leading technology for Hyperpigmentation , laser hair removal and skin treatments. It also has a patented pigmented lesion hand piece to target and eliminate brown spots, red spots, freckles, age spots and sun spots at the epidermal level without impacting underlying blood vessels. Combined with a patented dynamic cooling device for optimal client comfort during treatment.

The GentleMAX givesa long pulse laser platform that combines one of the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite lasers for high performance treatment capabilities, resulting in an extremely fast treatment compared to other modalities with extremely high efficacy. Another major benefit over competitor machines is that the GentleMAXworks on all skin types from light to dark.
If you have had IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments on your freckles or age spots, you will know this is extremely painful. At DermaSmooth Boutiquethe GentleMAXis not only faster and more effective at treating pigmented lesions, it is less painful as well.
If you suffer from any of these pigment concerns, talk to the team at DermaSmooth Boutique about a free consultation to discuss your concerns and what the appropriate treatment would mean for you.
Please remember DermaSmooth Boutique for all of your skin care and laser hair removal needs for both men and women, services the greater metropolitan Detroit area. DermaSmooth Boutique is based out of Commerce, MI.